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Having celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2016, Sterling Services is a family run business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. A tight-knit team with a low turn over rate of staff, the family ethic runs through the very heart of the business, and pours into the work between the staff and our clients.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we invest everything into meeting a client's requirements; from a small same day delivery to an international project management job, the team give it their all.

Sterling Services has been providing same-day delivery courier services, haulage and retail installation services to companies throughout the UK and Europe for over 22 years. Through our experience, customers have benefited from superior installations and deliveries that exceed their expectations.

At Sterling, we offer bespoke solutions just for you. So get in touch today, we are waiting to hear from you!

Meet the team

Jeremy Beck Director

The driving force behind the business, our MD and co-founder has a wealth of sector knowledge. He is massively client and performance focused, and knows it’s a marathon not a sprint (coincidentally he ran London a few years ago, so knows a thing or two about maintaining performance). Man Utd mad, he has attended nearly every European away game over the last 10 years, but we think it’s just an excuse for a holiday.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and is passionate about everything he does (except making anyone a drink).

Lots of it accompanied by decent wine He holds a HCIMA in hotel Catering and Institutional management, though for the past 20 years plus has catered for the Sterling’s discerning clientele with equal appetite
Sharon Beck Director

Sharon is a co-founder of the business and Sales Director. Sharon’s wealth of knowledge and opportunistic flair has been a fundamental driver in the company’s success. Identifying valuable emerging markets, usually overseas in a hot climate and by the sea are her speciality.

Horse riding at dawn on the beach is her favourite pastime. 

JamDani Hash (watch Gavin & Stacey) Sharon played Tallulah in the hit musical “Bugsy Malone” at the Leeds City Varieties Music Hall and is a qualified personal fitness trainer
Daniel Beck Project Support

Daniel is the youngest member of Sterling who started as an apprentice with us. With a fresh and young approach, he has some great ideas to contribute to the installs department. Growing in confidence and muscle, Dan has a bright future with Sterling and his protein shakes.

He thinks he is Schumacher in his car, but don’t worry, his little black box keeps him on the level.

Dominos Owns more fake Versace than Ali G
Scherelle Beck Business Development Manager

Our office glamour puss also sometimes known as Calamity Jane, as she is usually in the middle of some kind of drama. She is well known for her driving skills and has a real pride and passion to see the business succeed to its full potential.

An outdoors girl at heart you’ll usually find Scherelle pitching up a tent and stoking her fire with a glass of wine somewhere nearby.

Sunday Roast A qualified Horticulturist
Julie Biddle Training Manager

A pocket rocket with bags of energy, Bidders likes to rule the roost. Don’t ask her who killed the sale unless you're prepared to sit on the phone for the next 2 hours.

Responsible for training the Sterling team our high standards comes from her many years of experience in the training industry.

White wine and anything with a white wine sauce on top Has had more days in the sun than Judith Chalmers
Darren Bransberg Amazon Transport Planner Nights

Darren has been threatening to join the team for only 5 years, his fierce loyalty to the Company and his role will enhance the quality of the team massively over coming months.

Already a granddad yet only looks old enough to smoke, Daz supports the team and his clients to such an extent he once worked 28 hours in one day.

Protein Shakes and Chocolate Ex Body Builder and tee totaler
Nathan Brocklehurst Amazon Transport Planner

Nathan joined the business just a few short weeks ago, just before 'peak' too (lucky man), but this will be good for Nathan as his drive and desire to succeed are clear to see. Nathan has 3 years transport experience and has a real passion for driving.

When he's not at work, Nathan likes to spend time with his family and always has room on his knee for his furry baby - aka his four-legged friend otherwise known as his dog. 

Chicken Madras Used to be able to run 100m in 10.25 seconds
Mark Brown Finance Director

Our FD Wizard that keeps us ticking. He is hugely experienced within the world of finance on many levels over many years.

Mark is a typical FD that looks after his pennies to such an extent that his car smokes more than him, and by the way puffs on his caramel vape, that’s a lot.

Smutty or badly executed jokes are his speciality! Maybe the world of finance can be a tad boring, but to be fair, he deals with the challenges to the business that require his Dumbledore touch to ensure the company continues in its quest towards the promised land.

Hot or Cold washed down with Gin Armchair Spurs Fan who only recently told us of his passion - have they recently improved?
Bradley Collins Transport Planner

The newest member to the team, Bradley has settled in perfectly. A dark horse with a lot of skills to offer we are looking forward to seeing him develop his role within the business, progressing his career to it’s full potential.

This ex jockey may be little in stature but he’s big in brains and confidence, and he’s here with us now under starters orders.

Chinese Jockey and racing horse owner named 'All Leeds aren’t we'. LUFC mad!
John Cook Management Accountant

John Cook is our whizz kid that keeps our Accounts Team ticking all the right boxes.

With a background in Transport and a wealth of knowledge of Accountancy, he strives to ensure the business successfully manages its short and long term financial goals.

A typical accountant always wanting more, proven by the fact he has 2 sets of Twins at home!

Curry Be careful - he is a Thai Kick Boxer
Shayne Fairweather Warehouse Operative

Shayne is Mr Google - ask him anything about life death and everything in between he’s your master of the knowledge of useless facts. Good job he’s in the warehouse where he entertains himself most of the day, in between looking after the welfare of our customers goods in a methodical and organised manner.

Spam and Egg He knows every uninteresting fact
Emma Gilligan Credit Control

The tallest member of the team, with the nickname 'Melman'. She is often sporting a bruise on her forehead from the top of the door frame, which obviously keeps her extremely alert to perform her duties in the accounts department. She is a whiz with figures and has an acute attention to detail, making her an important asset to the accounts team.

Crumpets and Gin Emma is a qualified Nurse! Go nurse Melman!
Chloe Hampson Admin Assistant

The queen of PODS and the little sister to the same day crew.

Organised and methodical, she has set a great structure to support the team. With her attention to detail and IT skills, Chloe is the girl for the job. Fun, bubbly and always greets you with a smile on her face. 

Anything smothered in peanut butter Chloe is a qualified special effect makeup artist
Loretta Hughes Amazon Transport Planner

Loretta is the new baby to the Amazon team is already a highly valued member. Her previous experience in the transport industry has helped her transition quite easily, and she is always keen to help and assist where she can. Loretta loves her food and is always the first person out of the door when the sandwich van jingle can be heard.

You will usually find Loretta talking about the latest series on Netflix she has locked her teeth into, although she can confuse herself quite easy which could explain why she supports Manchester United football team!

Anything hot and edible Loretta can do the splits and the mermaid dance
Jack Kanyama Transport Planner

Jack is one of Sterling Services helpful, young and handsome Transport Planners.

Jack is a popular team member and can put a smile on anyone’s face.

He is a keen Man United Fan and gym enthusiast, where he likes to go to keep in shape for the ladies. This brings us on to where you can also find Jack when he’s not working hard at Sterling or in the gym….Tinder!

He’s usually there on a mission swiping with some great stories to tell about his adventures; be sure to ask!

We are all just a bit concerned about stunting the growth of his right thumb.

A jar of Mayonnaise and he’s yours! He has never fallen over in his life
Carmel Larkum Transport Planner

Carmel or “Super Granny” is our most experienced member of the Same Day Team.

She knows more extra-curricular vocabulary than Gordon Ramsey, and has more ingredients in her drawer than he has in his kitchen. Ask her what’s on the menu today!

This pocket rocket could easily win any eating competition, and when it comes to the ability to provide customers with that special touch then look no further than Carmel! She turns the roads to gold with her talent in the department and provides the extra special touch to our services.

Cake with Custard International CPC holder and HGV driver - we didn’t realise she could reach the peddles!
Daniel Longstaff Operations Manager

Daniel 'Apple Bobber' Longstaff.

A real family man and proud daddy, who when he's not busy with his family he’s playing daddy to his same day team. Multi-store projects are his speciality, which has proved Danny to be a key asset to Sterling’s success.

Once in a blue moon Danny is allowed out, and you’ll find him either on the dance floor in one of his fancy dress creations or at Man United. The boy thinks he can drink, but alas he can’t and has proved to be a lightweight!

A diet of McDonalds and KFC Daniel has completed the 3 peaks challenge twice for charity
Paul Mattison Marketing Manager

Paul is a self-proclaimed media ho, marketeer and social media addict who thinks he is cool, except global warming has made him hot and from that was born our very own marketing guru.

This is good for us as Paul has a wealth of marketing knowledge gained over many years of working in the City, although it does surprise us that the city is still in one piece as in a previous life, Paul was a Gunner for the British Army!

Paul loves his food, and isn’t choosy who cooks it for him, so long as he doesn’t have to do it himself… so fine dining and eating out are some of his other skills, along with keeping fit and healthy.  

Italian Qualified Fitness Instructor
Jack Mellor Amazon Transport Planner Nights

Jack studied at Greenhead College which is recognised as being one of the top 5 best sixth form colleges in the country. This means Jack is well educated in general, and particularly when it comes to football as he supports Liverpool… obviously in Jack’s opinion.

Jack started at Sterling Services just one week after he finished at college and is therefore is one of the newest members of the Amazon team, but also takes the crown of Youngest Member of Staff within the business…. how sweet. Nonetheless Jack has successfully slotted himself on the night shift with his awful jokes and the fact he’s never quiet (his words).

Jack is a quick learner and has definitely shown his worth, and would like to call himself ‘Mr Transport’ due to his love for everything transport from trains to planes and anything with wheels. Ask him about trains or planes and he’ll tell you an unusual fact you would never have thought about.

Anything from a takeaway Jack has a Tongue-tie, meaning he can hardly stick his tongue out.
Jason Penn Project Manager

Having learned his craft as a Sign & Display Fitter, Jason has worked through various roles and joined us recently as a Project Manager in the Installations Team.

Customer focused with diverse experience including shop fitting, installations, merchandising and auditing within the POS/POP retail industry, this organised communicator brings valuable additional knowledge to the team

He enjoys Championship football with his beloved Leeds Utd, and advises us that they will get promoted next year.. he also dreams a lot!

Yorkshire Pudding Wrap from the YPW Co He once saw Leeds play in the Premier League
Leonard Quist Amazon Transport Planner

Just like his name, he is ‘lion hearted’, resilient and ready for the task ahead, which comes from years of building and developing a big interest in the transportation sector.

Although he may usually appear quiet on the outside, it’s far from reality, although his calm demeanour has always been a welcome trait amongst his co-workers. When he’s not at work, Leonard likes to spend most of his free time watching or reading about nature, and as he feels that learning never stops, he is keen to keep updating his knowledge on an array of things.

Although an avid learner of all things nature, Leonard feels his greatest knowledge base is within transportation management, and if he does say it himself, he feels the knowledge and experience gained to date is vast and can only expand further.

Rice, Veg and grilled snipper Leonard likes to dance - especially when no one is watching!
David Stewart Fleet and Compliance Manager

“David is our Fleet & Compliance Manager and resident Mr Blakey”. He puts the C into Compliance, keeping everybody on their toes with a friendly smile.

David is a globetrotter with a passion for aviation and airports. He has visited 84 countries and countless airports across the world, with a story to tell about each and every one of them (he’s a dark horse). 

Since joining he has become hooked on Starbucks and takes great delight in his daily Mocha, he just hasn’t managed to get his hands in his pockets yet to pay!!

Pizza He owns a piece of the Berlin Wall. He’s also been arrested five times whilst travelling through airports!
Alex Sykes Amazon Transport Planner

Alex is a hardworking and key member of the Express Haulage team here at Sterling. She is also the most dog obsessed person we know. Her campaign to have an office dog (a black Labrador called Sterling!) is nothing short of relentless.

By 8am every day Alex is either talking about, or eating food! 80’s music is a must in the office too. Alex doesn’t let work get stressful but just in case it does, she has Harriet the stress pig to help out! She is great fun to be around and is a pleasure to work with.

Stew and Pancakes Completed Total Warrior twice!
John Thomson Operations Director

John Tommo Thomson is the leader of Operations. 

With a wealth of knowledge in the transport industry, gathered through blue chip companies over many years, Tommo has revamped our systems to ensure our development and growth continues. 

He has unlimited energy, often cycling 40 miles each way to work in his Lycra and feasting on a foraged diet of kale, wheatgrass and seaweed. This ultra-healthy mean machine is our very own Duracell bunny. 


Kale and waffle grass super shake He cycled uphill from Lands’ End to John O'Groats for charity in 2017 - now that is impressive!
Adam Unwin Amazon Transport Planner

Adam is a great person to work with. He is fun, hardworking and eager to help where he can. Adam is new to transportation planning, but he has taken to it like a duck to water.

Adam has a tendency to call people by completely different names, for example, he calls his girlfriend Bligh, which he has done for the last 11 years. We don’t actually think he knows her real name.

Even though Adam was brought up in Wakefield, he has been brought up to support Everton. 

Fish and Chips Has 6 different forklift licenses and has completed the 3 peaks walk twice
Ryan Walsh Amazon Transport Planner

Ryan Walsh is our very own Silver Fox of the Amazon Transport Office with his silvery greys now coming through, although he is deliriously happy to flaunt his newly appeared ‘distinguishing features’.

Ryan is without doubt the ‘Bear Grylls’ of Sterling Services and likes nothing more than to protect the staff from Spiders and Moths, and if he’s not too busy doing that, he puts the ‘plan’ into transport planner and loves being the top planner of Amazon… that’s if he isn’t still half cut after the ‘Open Mic’ night.

Bangers and Mash Ryan has never smoked a cigarette in his entire life
Sheridan White Amazon Team Leader

Sheridan is a new addition to the ever growing express haulage team. In the short time we have known him, we have found out that he loves going to the gym but his love of food is greater.

Sheridan has given himself the title of best eyebrows in Sterling. His perfectly threaded eyebrows are the first thing you see when you look over your computer screen, and he always gives you a cheeky eyebrow rise.



Spaghetti Bolognese When Sheridan was 21 he got picked to fight for England in kick boxing
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